With no source of heat at all other than your own body, the solitary confinement cell is the coldest place in the prisonhouse. I have been staying there ever since last autumn. I do not strive too hard to keep away from it, because I do not regard the cold as the most dreadful thing for a prisoner.


The winter cold is very severe in prison indeed, but you can also find there a rich set of "anti-cold recipes" prepared by countless forerunners over a long period of time, just like the folk medicine in an old village without doctor. As I practice some of the recipes, I feel a weighty volume of wisdom entering my life with full relevance. Wisdom attained through ages and ages of shivering, whose volume testifies to so many painful lives. [Shenzi]



While we readily appreciate the value of wisdom, we seldom recognize what it is made from. Lots and lots of failures, frustrations, pains and agonies are needed for the birth of a piece of wisdom. It is the purpose of studying history to remember them.  [Orun]


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