Usually it is the discontent with my own style, and at times a strong urge to change it, that makes me reluctant to take hold of the writing brush. Excessively contrived effort for change may lead to misconceived sophistication, while changeless repetition is likely to result in inflexible stagnation.


Misconceived sophistication is an empty shell that does not hold my own personality, while inflexible stagnation is a closed trap of confining myself. I should find a way of synthesizing the two properly, following the ancient teaching "允執厥中". Since a man's writing style is the reflection of the man's feelings and thinkings, its changes and developments are supposed to be made in step with the changes and developments of the man himself.


t.n. "允執厥中" was the central part of Emperor Yao's advice to Emperor Shun on handing over the throne. It is generally understood to mean "Concentrate on the important matter, avoiding the extremes."


[by Shenzi]



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