Song Jing(宋璟), chancelor of Tang under Emperor Xuan-zong(玄宗), was renowned for extreme benevolence. Wherever he served as a governor or a magistrate, improvement was made in the local customs, thanks to his devotion to the people and his sincerity in his work. That is why people of his time called him "Spring Sunshine on Two Legs(有脚陽春)". [Shenzi]


Song Jing has long been a mysterious figure to me. The mystery is related to the character of Empress Wu's rule. I know very well that the Empress was unjustly and uncharitably slandered by traditional historians. She was in fact an outstanding ruler, but the time must have been a hard one for officials in her court. How could Song, with such a great reputation for uprightness and strictness, survive it? [Orun]


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