2018. 5. 22. 14:54

One should keep faithful to his own worldview and aspirations, but he should not go to extremes. I think we can learn the way of living from trees. A tree does not choose its location for itself. Like trees, our lives are planted at certain locations in time and space. That is why  we just have to do our best under whatever conditions we are given. (...)

There are times we feel inclined to defy certain conditions given to the time and place we are planted at. But I do not find the beauty of life in downright rejections. There are times, of course, when some desperately fierce struggles deeply move the minds of neighbors. But they cannot be recommended to other people as a good way of life. One has only to cultivate himself in the wind, water and soil given to the location he is planted at. That is why I keep from either striving or contending too strongly, like a tree, or like water. [Shenzi]


Sounds like a fatalist, but quite the opposite! You can fight your fate only when you have first accepted it for what it is. Nothing can be done by just denying it. [Orun]


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